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Welcome to IN & AccuRay 1970s History

1970s photos of IN senior staff away from the office

1970s photos of IN employees out of the office

New Product Development Department
was created in the late 60s and continued through the 70s and 80s

IN/AccuRay Product Documents

IN/AccuRay buildings and production areas from the 1970s

1970 Field Service Awards and 1978 Western Area Meeting

1970s AccuRay Europe staff photos & information

1971 Corporate Organizational Chart

1970 Annual Report
Pages 3, 4, 11, 20 and 21 describe the AccuRay 600, C-700, 700
and APM 800 and 900 systems in detail

1971 Annual Report
Photos and descriptions of all measurement systems by model number

1972 Annual Report
Introducing IN's Automation for Management programs

1973 Annual Report
With descriptions of all measurement systems including InfraSystems. IN acquired Brun Sensor Systems [930 Kinnear Road, Columbus] in 1973 and renamed it "InfraSystems".   Dr. Brunton founded Brun Sensor Systems for measuring weight and moisture of paper webs using infrared IR technology.  IN continued using IR technology for online measurements.

1974 Annual Report
With descriptions of all measurement applications and AccuRay's
impact on industry throughout the world

1975 Report  1976 Report  1977 Report  1978 Report 1979 Report
These annual reports contain only financial information with limited
information on process applications and measurement system details.

IN/AccuRay product and process application articles created by staff for national publications

Local & National Newspaper Articles about IN & AccuRay


AccuRay World Company Newspaper

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