Industrial Nucleonics (IN) & AccuRay History


Welcome to Industrial Nucleonics (IN) & AccuRay 1950s History

Industrial Nucleonics Corporation was the brainchild of
brothers Bert and Roy Chope and their friend George Foster


IN's Model R and S first beta gauge systems

1950-52 Annual report
IN was founded on May 12, 1950.  During June of 1951, IN's first
AccuRay Beta Gauge was installed at a large Ohio tire company.

1952-53 Annual Report
Added automatic process control to measurement systems

1953-54 Annual Report
New installations on metals and paper

1954-55 Annual Report
Installations in metals, paper, plastics, rubber & cigarette manufacturing

1955-56 Annual Report
Sales summary from 1951

1956-57 Annual Report
Recognition in Reader's Digest and Fortune

1957-58 Annual Report
New process measurement systems

1958-59 Annual Report text
1958-59 report photos of IN's offices, products and installations

1959-60 Annual Report
Completed move into the Ackerman Rd. offices and plant

1950s photos of IN equipment and production areas

1950s Bert Chope interview From old Columbus Video

During the 1950s Chesterfield used the slogan
"Made the Modern Way with AccuRay" in their advertising

Chesterfield magazine ad
Chesterfield TV ad with AccuRay's Bert Chope

1953 Product meeting at IN's Chesapeake Ave. office
Labeled "John Miller, Will Adams, George Williams, Bert Chope, Earl Slusher,
George Foster, Roy Chope, and George Butler in Bldg 3 conference room."

1957 photo of the ground breaking for IN's new complex
at 650 Ackerman Rd Columbus Ohio

IN/Accuray product and process application articles created by staff for national publications

Local & National Newspaper Articles about IN & AccuRay

"The AccuRay-ver" IN's Employee Magazine

IN's Measurement System Marketing brochures



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